2 Ways To Prove Your Auto Accident Case During Civil Litigation

Being injured due to the fault of another driver can be devastating. Medical bills and time lost from work can quickly create financial difficulties. The most effective way to recover your losses involves filing a lawsuit against the driver who was at fault. The time to prove your case is during the discovery stage of civil litigation. Knowing what the parts of discovery are, and ways to respond can strengthen your case.

Written Interrogatories

These interrogatories consist of questions both of the parties will receive during the discovery process. There is usually no more than 25 questions asked, and all of these must pertain to the accident.

Listed below are things you may need to respond to:

  1. What date did the accident occur?
  2. What is your full name and address?
  3. Where you alone in the car when the collision happened?
  4. Were you seriously injured during the accident?
  5. What was the extent of your property damages?
  6. Were there any other people who witnessed the accident?
  7. Were you intoxicated or on prescription drugs that could affect your alertness when the accident happened?
  8. Was there an official police report filed stating the driver who was at fault? What type of car were you driving when the accident occurred?
  9. What were the road conditions the day of the accident? For example, was it raining or snowing that day?

By providing concise and thorough responses to any of the questions asked during this time, it will help strengthen your case.

Production Documents

There is a stage during discovery that will allow you provide written documentation to help prove your case. This is known as a request for production documents and listed below are things you can provide during this stage:

1. Copies of your medical bills that include any care needed to recover fully.

2. The estimate from your auto body shop stating the amount of money to repair your car.

3. A letter from your employer stating the time you lost from work and the wages lost.

4. Any correspondence you have, such as emails, texts, or letters with the other driver should be presented during this stage.

Finally, it's important during the discovery stage to provide the necessary information to prove your losses during a car accident. By consulting with a personal injury attorney—such as Naomi G. Drake P.C.—you can be legally guided through this process for the optimal compensation results to help you financially recover from the collision.