Need More Child Support? 3 Scenarios In Which You Can Seek An Increase

If you are a custodial parent of a child and receive child support, you should know that the amount you receive is subject to change. Child support orders aren't meant to stay the same year after year. Financial circumstances change and the court recognizes this. That's why there is a provision that allows you to seek an increase in your child support payments. However, you can't get an increase just because you want one. You have to show that an increase is warranted by one or more of the following scenarios in which you can seek a child support increase. 

The Other Parent Is Making More Money

If your child's other parent starts making more money or undergoes financial changes that allows them to have more disposable income, you may be able to seek an increase. Keep in mind, however, that a small change, such as a modest cost of living pay increase, probably won't be considered by the court. Your co-parent's financial situation has to change significantly. Situations that might qualify include getting a new job, receiving a promotion, or getting a significant raise. If the paying parent has other dependents that become adults, this might change their financial situation as well. 

You Are Making Less Money

Your financial situation is also considered when the court decides how much support is to be paid. If you lose your job or start making less money, you may qualify for an increase in child support or a temporary increase. If you lose your job due to circumstances that were within your control or if you voluntarily quit your job, the court might not grant your request. You must prove that your financial situation changed through no fault of your own. If you have to take on more responsibilities, such as caring for an aging parent, this may also be considered.

Your Child's Expenses Have Increased

Each child has different financial needs and the court recognizes this. If your child has increased medical expenses, educational expenses, or cost-of-living expenses, the court may grant an increase. If your child wants to pursue an activity or take a class that costs quite a bit of money, you may also petition the court to have the other parent cover some of the costs. The court may increase child support or order a one-time payment to cover these costs. 

There are several scenarios in which an increase in child support is necessary. If you feel like you're entitled to a raise, don't be afraid to ask for it.

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