3 Ways to Control Different Areas of Your Life Upon Death

Are you the type of person that loves being in complete control of every aspect of your life? You can actually take control of certain aspects of your life after you are deceased as well. Determining what will happen with your health, assets, and funeral arrangements is possible if you put a good plan in place. Just make sure every part of your plan is done in a way that will be upheld legally, just like with signing contracts. This article provides a few suggestions that should be considered and that will give you control of your life after death.

1. Apply for a Bank Account That Is Payable Upon Your Death

If you want to make sure your funeral is taken care of without it putting a financial burden on someone else, a special type of bank account might be of interest. For instance, you can get a bank account that will give you the ability to save money for your funeral, but for an appointed beneficiary. Once you are deceased, the beneficiary can withdraw the money to use it for your funeral expenses. However, you can actually take money out of the account at any time that you desire. The beneficiary can be replaced with someone else whenever you desire as well.

2. Put an Estate Plan in Place to Cover Your Assets

You can determine where each of your assets where go upon death if you put an estate plan in place. The plan can come in handy for passing your home down to children if you are deceased before they reach adulthood. For instance, the house can be temporarily put in the hands of an adult but passed on to the children after they reach adulthood. Your vehicles and other valuable property can also be named with beneficiaries in the estate plan. You can depend on your plan being carried out, as a lawyer can be hired for the probate process if there are any conflicts.

3. Take Advantage of a Revocable Living Trust Before Death

A revocable living trust is one of the smartest ways to set a plan in place before death. Unlike a will, a trust can become active before you actually are deceased. If you become terminally ill and can't make competent decisions, the trustee over your trust can handle your needs. Upon your death, the trustee will make sure your beneficiaries receive everything that you have appointed for them to inherit. A probate lawyer such as Patricia K Wood Atty can help you put a revocable living trust in place.