How to Get the Minimal Sentence for Felony Burglary

Were you in a big financial bind that made you decide to burglarize a store to get the money that you need? If you were caught with enough merchandise to get charged with a felony, you can end up spending many years in jail. The best way forward is to get assistance from a criminal defense attorney that has experience in cases similar to yours. Discover some of the things that an attorney might do to help you avoid having to suffer through the maximum sentence for your crime.

You Must Discuss What Led to Committing the Crime

If you intend on winning your case, you must speak to your attorney in a truthful manner. You will have to tell the attorney about the extent of your financial bind, such as what could have happened if you would not have burglarized the store. Explain the other ways that you tried to obtain the money before committing the crime. It is possible that the attorney will also ask if you were under the influence of a narcotic or alcohol at the time of the incident. Your fight with addiction will be discussed if it is relevant.

An Attorney Will Assess Your Criminal History

Being that you were caught with the merchandise you stole from the store, the attorney will focus his or her attention on getting you a reduced sentence. The attorney will visit the local police station to obtain your criminal records. The extent of your past criminal history will play a role in how the attorney goes about defending your case. It is ideal for you to not have a previous criminal record, but the attorney could still get you a reduced sentence if you have committed past crimes. Any mental health problems that you may have will also be assessed, so make sure your attorney is informed if you have ever been diagnosed with one.

You Might Be Asked to Plead Guilty for the Crime

One technique that an attorney might use to get you a reduced sentence is asking you to plead guilty to the crime. By confessing to the crime that you are charged with, the judge will not have to spend a lot of time on a trial. He or she will be more willing to accept the type of sentence that your attorney feels is fair for your crime. For instance, you might only get a minimal amount of jail time, spend time on probation, and have to spend so many hours doing community service.

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