Do You Need To Divorce Your Spouse Who Is Draining Your Accounts? What To Do Now

If you have recently discovered that your spouse has been draining all of your financial accounts without your knowledge, and they have nothing to show for the money and you want a divorce, you have to act fast. You have to start working with a divorce lawyer right away to try to recover some of the money, and to get the divorce.

Your lawyer will file the paperwork right away and try to put a freeze on all of your joint accounts. This way your spouse can't go after more money. Here are some of the things that are needed for your lawyer.

Financial Recovery Information

The lawyer needs all of your financial records and taxes you can get information on for the past years that you have been in a relationship. This way, the lawyer can see when the money withdrawing started, how much was being taken out, and how much has been lost with interest.  They may need to hire a professional forensic accountant to find out just how much money has really been lost.

Protection Order or No Contact Options

If you are afraid of your spouse and what will happen when they find out that you have file for divorce. If so, you may want to talk with your lawyer about getting a no contact order. Since you have a case where a great deal of money is missing, the judge may be willing to grant this. If your spouse has threatened you in any way, this information and evidence needs to be given to the lawyer.

Closing Accounts

You need to be proactive about shutting down all the joints accounts that you have while you can, so you aren't still getting debt racked up in your name, or have your spouse borrowing money in your name. Talk with your lawyer to get court orders and approvals to close accounts if certain banks or other financial institutions won't let you.

If you have noticed your spouse has been taking large amounts of money from your accounts and you are almost left with nothing, you want to file police reports, and you want to get a lawyer. If you are ready to file for divorce and you know that there is no turning back, the lawyer can help you start the process and you want to get things moving. This way the lawyer has a better chance of possibly recovering some of the money.