Should You Hire A Criminal Attorney For Your Theft Charge?

Have you been charged with theft? Whether you have been convicted or not, this type of charge on your record, even if it's temporary and you get the charges dropped in the end, you still have reason to potentially worry about your future in a legal sense. While a theft charge can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on what you've been accused of, you can take every situation very seriously. You should hire a criminal attorney even before your first court date, if you can. Should you hire a criminal attorney if you are facing a theft charge? The answer is yes, and here are a few reasons why.

You don't know what your charges will lead to

A charge is thankfully not a conviction, but this doesn't mean you are off the hook yet. Now is the time between when you get charged and when you face the final consequence of your charges to hire an attorney to assist you. You have no idea what evidence may be held against you, what the judge will think about your situation, or if your jury trial, should you choose to go this route, will rule in your favor.

Don't guess about your legal future, especially if you may be potentially facing jail time or long periods of probation time. Whether you are wanting to settle your case out of court, plead to a lesser charge, or fight your theft charge outright, do not proceed without getting a consultation from a criminal attorney.

You don't know what your charge will do to your reputation

Any theft charge, even if it has been thrown out of court due to lack of evidence or a not guilty plea and trial, can hurt your reputation, particularly if you are a business owner or affluent in your community. Are you wanting to know just how to get the most out of your situation so you can have the least amount of damage done to you legally and as far as your reputation goes? Your charge may or may not affect you for a long time following your trial, so you will want a criminal attorney to assist you every step of the way. While a lawyer cannot guarantee any particular outcome for your case, they can help you in many ways throughout your case.

For more information, reach out to a criminal attorney service in your area.