What to Know About Common Car Accident Terms

The time after a car accident can be chaotic and confusing. When you hear unfamiliar legal terms being batted around, things may get even worse. When it comes to a car accident, what you need to be concerned about is getting paid what you are owed. Read below so you can get familiar with a few terms connected to being paid what you deserve after being hit by another driver.


You might note plenty of damages after a car accident but when it comes to monetary compensation, the term damages encompass a lot more than just the physical damage to your vehicle and your body. Rather, this use of the term damages is associated with all the ways you have been harmed as a result of the other driver's careless actions. Take a look at some of the more common forms of damage you might be experiencing:

  • Bodily harm, which are injuries to your body expressed with medical expense costs.
  • Pain and suffering, which covers the mental health aspects of a car accident with injuries.
  • Lost wages, which is the lost income impacting your financial situation.
  • Personal property, which is not just your vehicle but any other personal property lost or ruined due to the accident.
  • Future medical expenses if more surgeries or other treatments are needed.

Economic Damages

You might also find that your car accident lawyer will further break damages down into economic and non-economic categories. Don't be confused, however – both economic and non-economic damages result in money that can be paid to you. Economic damages are related to any forms of damage that can be connected to a specific dollar amount loss. For instance, your lost wages can be added up and presented to the other side for reimbursement so it goes into the economic category. This category includes medical expenses, lost wages, and personal property.

Non-Economic Damages

Don't overlook this category of damages, however. Not only should this be part of your compensation but it could add up to the highest of all forms of damages – even higher than your medical treatment costs. In most cases, this category is comprised of just one form of damage: pain and suffering. As mentioned above, pain and suffering are the general negative effects you've endured because of a careless driver.

For more information, contact and work with a car accident lawyer. They'll understand how to champion your case and get you what you deserve.