3 Steps Your Car Accident Lawyer Will Take To Preserve Evidence After A Car Crash

If you're involved in a car accident that resulted from another driver's negligence, you can receive compensation for the damages you incur. However, you must have evidence that proves your claim, and sometimes such evidence can be destroyed or lost. That's why it's necessary to seek the help of a car accident attorney, as they can take measures to preserve evidence that will help you win your case. Here are a few steps your car accident lawyer will take to preserve your evidence after a car accident.

1. They will document witness accounts of the accident

The accounts of witnesses present at the accident scene can help build your case because they don't have any financial or personal interest in your claim. Therefore, they don't have any incentive to give a false account of events leading to your accident. Witnesses can provide helpful information to show the other party's fault. This may include things like the other driver speeding or texting before your car crash.

If you have information on witnesses present at the crime scene, you must collect their contact information and share it with your attorney. A car accident attorney will set up a deposition and request the witnesses give an official testimony under oath. Lawyers know the right questions to ask to ensure you get the claim you deserve.

2. They will obtain the surveillance footage

If your car accident happened within your town, the chances are that the footage may have been recorded by a security camera installed by a local business. Such a recording is crucial as it helps to link your injuries to the car accident. Sometimes a business owner can decide not to provide you with the surveillance footage, but they may take such a request seriously if an attorney makes it. In addition, car accident lawyers handle these types of cases regularly and know different tactics to retrieve such valuable information. 

3. They will draft and send a spoliation letter

Suppose your car damages someone else's property in an accident. In such a case, the owner should preserve their property in its damaged state as evidence because any repairs won't help prove your case. A car accident attorney can draft and send a spoliation letter requiring a property owner to preserve the car accident damage. Such letters are hand-delivered or sent using a channel that can provide proof of receipt. Anyone who receives this letter cannot alter the evidence, and if they do, they'll face sanctions.

There is a lot of evidence that can help you build a strong case after you're involved in a car accident. However, evidence is sometimes lost or destroyed over time, preventing crucial car accident information from coming to light. The few steps highlighted in this guide can help preserve your evidence.