Critical Reasons To Retain A Skilled Nursing License Defense Attorney

You spent years in school and worked hard to get your state license to work as a professional nurse. You do not want to risk it being taken away from you or threatened without legitimate reason. 

Unfortunately, however, any one of your patients can falsely accuse you of malpractice. If this happens, you can protect it and your career by hiring an experienced nursing license defense attorney.

Countering Claims of Malpractice

While you can empathize with your patient's pain and fear, you cannot tolerate them falsely accusing you of malpractice. In fact, you may have gone out of your way to take the best care of this person and ensure that they were safe and well taken care of while in your charge.

As much as you can empathize with this person, you will want to prove that he or she has no basis for accusing you of wrongdoing. When you hire a nursing license defense lawyer, you can get the legal help needed to show what really happened during the patient's care. Your attorney can subpoena this person's medical records to show that they did indeed receive the proper care they required and did not suffer any physical or mental harm while in your care.

Your lawyer can also interview witnesses to what happened, as well as this person's other prior caretakers. By doing so, your defense attorney may be able to establish a pattern of false accusations and show that this person has a habit of accusing healthcare providers of malpractice.

Keeping Your License

Your lawyer can also help you keep your license and avoid having to surrender it. He or she can argue to the medical board that you did not commit any offense and therefore should not be forced to give up your license. Your attorney can also help you keep your job and protect your reputation so your employer will not fire you.

Taking Counter-Action

Finally, if the situation merits, your nursing license defense attorney can take counter-action against your accuser. He or she can file a lawsuit to recover damages you are entitled to for false accusations. He or she may also encourage the prosecutor to file criminal charges if applicable. 

A nursing license defense attorney can provide important services. He or she can protect your license, restore your reputation, and take counteraction against the person who accused you. Contact a nursing license defense attorney for more information.