Should You Get A Lawyer After A Dog Bite?

Have you been bitten by a dog, and you are wondering if you should seek the services of a personal injury lawyer? Being nipped by a dog is traumatic and can cause a tetanus infection or rabies. So, you have to deal with emotional and physical damages, which could be challenging to overcome and costly. 

Getting a personal injury lawyer increases your chances of getting a significant amount of compensation. They will also protect your rights after the experience and ensure you recover fully from the incident. Keep reading to know some of the things the lawyer will do.

Provide Legal Advice

Lawyers in the field of personal injury represent plaintiffs who get injured in different kinds of accidents, including animal attacks and dog bites. 

If a dog attacks you or your loved one and you hire a skilled lawyer, they will provide invaluable advice on dealing with the case, thanks to their knowledge of the law and experience. Make sure you consider their recommendations because they have your best interests at heart, and ask for clarification whenever you don't understand.

Acquire Your Medical Records and Other Essential Documents

Before you get compensated for the injuries and trauma resulting from a dog attack, you will need to prove that the experience was traumatic and caused you harm. One of the primary things a personal injury lawyer will do is obtain your medical records to prove your injuries. They will also ensure your doctor provides a detailed analysis of how the treatment was done and its cost. 

The lawyer may also request the physician to be an expert witness for your case. All of this will prove to the insurance company or court that you deserve to get the maximum payout amount you are asking for.

Prove the Dog Owner's Negligence

In most cases, dog bite accidents occur because the dog owner was negligent. However, this doesn't mean that you can get compensated right away. You still need to prove the owner's negligence in your dog bite case. 

Fortunately, your lawyer can help by finding eyewitnesses to testify that the dog wasn't on a leash or the owner couldn't manage to contain their dog safely to avoid the accident. They will also search for photos or videos for the attack and determine if the same dog has been involved in other attacks in the recent past. Lawyers know that each case is unique, so they will consider various sources of evidence to show that you were not at fault or careless.