A Guide On Whether Uncontested Divorce Is A Viable Option For Dissolving Your Marriage

Most marriage dissolutions are stressful and emotionally depleting, especially when children are involved or couples cannot agree on critical issues. Some may decide to try and resolve divorce matters out of court to prevent problems that may complicate or prolong the process. However, this may not be the best option when dissolving your marriage. Even so, you can only determine this by consulting a divorce lawyer and discussing the aspects discussed in this article. The answers you receive will enable you to decide whether to go through with an out-of-court agreement or take your case before a judge:

What Should You Agree on Before Dissolving Your Marriage?

If you and your partner are considering resolving your divorce case out of court, you must come to a consensus on specific issues before dissolving your marriage. For instance, you must agree on how you will co-parent when you start living separately. You also need to establish who will pay spousal support, when and how much the payment will be, and for how long. Your agreement should also detail how assets you acquired together will be distributed and how to deal with pending debts. A legal advisor can guide you in drafting agreements to safeguard your children's interests. Consequently, they present the contracts in court so the judge can approve and give direction on their implementation.

How Long Will The Process Take?

Uncontested divorces likely take less time than dissolving a marriage through litigation. However, one factor that can delay the process is the time the judge takes to approve your drafted agreements. Additionally, how you handle the procedure determines how long it takes to finalize your marriage dissolution. For instance, the process may not commence until you submit all the required paperwork. Some states also require applicants to wait up to a year after separation before filing an uncontested divorce. Fortunately, your lawyer can explain the elements that may prolong the process and recommend strategies to reduce that time.

Do You Need Legal Help?

Although uncontested divorces may seem manageable without a legal advisor's assistance, it is imperative that you consult a lawyer. The attorney evaluates your agreements to ensure that you do not give up any of your legal rights or omit anything you're required to include in the contracts. Moreover, they draft and resolve your settlement agreement before you and your partner sign them.

Consult a divorce attorney to help determine whether to dissolve your marriage out of court or through litigation. It is prudent to raise the points above with them, as well as any others that will guide you in ascertaining whether uncontested divorce is a suitable option for you. 

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