When You Should Hire A Lawyer For A Dental License Defense Case

It's possible that even though you may be a great dentist or dental surgeon, the dental board might open an investigation into you and your practice. These reviews by the dental board in your state could be brought on by potential accusations of misconduct, criminal charges, or if there had been a complaint in another state. 

It's very serious to have the dental board look into your practice since it could mean the loss of your license and career. When should you hire a dental license defense lawyer? Here are some examples of when it might be a good idea.

Negligence Of Care

One possible way that could trigger an investigation by the dental board is there was an accusation of negligence on your part. This could be a patient saying you didn't give them the best care possible and that they now need more treatment or that the lack of care resulted in tooth loss. It could also be caused by a misdiagnosis that caused harm to a patient.

If there had been previous accusations of negligence in other states that could also trigger an investigation by the dental board. There are times dentists are targeted unfairly with these claims and it could seriously hurt your career. A dental license defense lawyer can help you prove your case with the dental board so you can resume your practice.

Office Operations

It may be possible to have the dental board investigate your practice for how the office is run. This could mean they will look into your finances and how you bill your patients to ensure everything is correctly done. They could also look into how you are keeping your records for billing, and vendor payments, and how you keep your overall file system. 

If the dental board receives word that you may be handling your office operations in a manner they deem unfit, it could trigger an investigation which could result in the loss of your license. A good dental license defense lawyer can help you prove that your office practices are up to standards by going over every detail of your record-keeping and billing practices with you to ensure there are no problems.

Unprofessional Conduct By You

It's possible that the dental board is investigating you for unprofessional conduct. This means they have received a complaint or criminal charge based on your behavior toward others within the office.

It could also mean they wish to check your documents looking for fraudulent insurance claims that may have been filed by your office or misleading advertising such as claiming to repair something you are unable to.

A dental defense lawyer can go through your filing system and look into such claims to help you clear your name. For more information, contact a dental license defense lawyer near you.