Small Tips That Can Increase Your Auto Accident Settlement

You must focus on both the big picture and the little things to win your auto accident settlement. You might lose your case if you let your guard down, even for a brief period. Here are some seemingly small issues that can help you win your auto accident case. 

Inform the Adjuster of Your Worsening Injuries 

This tip will help in two main ways. First, your injuries are the basis for your auto accident compensation. Your injuries determine your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, among other damages. Worsening injuries increase such damages, so the adjuster should know about them.

Secondly, informing your adjuster about worsening injuries spurs them to take you seriously and act fast. For example, an adjuster who had been intentionally delaying your compensation will start serious negotiations. They won't want to delay further for fear that your injuries might continue to worsen.

Keep All Receipts of Payments Related to the Accident

You deserve compensation for every loss, however small it may seem you have suffered due to the accident. If you call your doctor about worsening injuries, the defendant should compensate you for the call. If you tow your car to a garage after a crash, the defendant should pay you the towing charges.

However, you only get compensation for losses you can prove. Keep receipts for all payments related to your accident. The defendant won't have any reason to deny your compensation if you can prove your damages.

Don't Discuss Your Case or Post Your Pictures

Adjusters use several methods to deny or minimize compensation. A common tactic is to claim that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. Another one is to claim that you somehow contributed to your accident. You might inadvertently provide the adjuster with ammunition for both claims if you discuss your case with third parties.

Consider a case where you go grocery shopping, take a few pictures, and post them on your social media page. If the pictures show you carrying big grocery bras, the defendant might claim that your injuries are not serious.

Take another example where you tell your coworkers how you didn't see the other driver before a head-on collision. If the defendant learns about the conservation, which they might if they investigate the accident, they might claim you weren't paying attention to the road and contributed to the crash.

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